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I’ve kept you waiting long enough

27 Apr

Hi friends. If you are reading this then thank you for coming back. I know I’ve left you hanging for quiteee some time, for which I apologize. I got this idea into my head that I didn’t want to reveal the house finished until everything was super clean and beautiful. Well that won’t be for quite some time so I’ve decided to start posting the ending of the progress photos even though they may not have all the finishing touches added yet.

So here we go, I decided to start with the kitchen because that is by far the biggest transformation

To remind you what it looked like before…

We took out the wall that the stove is on to combine the kitchen and dining room into one large kitchen and here is what it looks like now

The pendants still need the crystals to be added

It’s insane how much more open and airy the entire room feels with that wall down

View from the new dining room old living room

Island storage, our microwave drawer, and beverage center

 The granite does not look yellowish/cream in real life I had to turn all the lights on because of the time of day to get the best shots.

Here you can see the true color of the granite which is dark gray and white

Here you can see the beloved hood and backsplash. We decided to go with a white subway tile in a herringbone/chevron pattern. I thought it was a fun take on a classic backsplash. We used a light gray grout so in real life you can see the pattern a lot better

Sorry I’m not a professional photographer! I know these aren’t the greatest photos. One thing yet to be revealed is our dark hardwood floors! We don’t have an inch of carpet in the house so I’ve been on an area rug buying spree. So excited to show you more!!!

The house recaps have begun! Yay!

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