The dining room table I’m obsessed with

17 Feb

So I have been lusting over the Trestle Dining Table from Restoration Hardware for months now. I have pinned probably every photo there is of it on the internet and I cannot get enough. It has been on sale for a couple weeks now and I got scared that the sale would end soon so I pulled the trigger on my dining table obsession today and can’t wait for it to come in!

Love the simple vase with big blooms. I don’t particulary love those chairs as I think they’re too big so I’m going to find different ones.

It comes with 2 leaves to extend the table from 72 inches long to 102 inches.

I think the light color of the table is going to look amazing against our dark coffee & mahogany stained floors. Speaking of which should be getting stained very soon!

In other updates the staircase is stained, the new spindles are ready to be installed and all the trim and doors are painted! All our cabinets are at the finishers and should be ready to get installed mid next week. The painter should be finishing up painting the whole house next week as well. I’m anxious to see how our color choices turned out. We chose a light gray for the main floor with a seafoamy color for the dining room. Mauvey cool colors for the spare bedrooms, pale baby blue for the bathrooms, and a darker gray for the master. I’ll have more info on the specific colors once I can post photos of the rooms painted those colors!

Things are starting to wrap up (hopefully). I still can’t wait to see our kitchen cabinets and want the granite company to come and measure so bad so we can get everything moving! I’m so antsy to decorate and am seeing a smooth transition into a home decorating blog once the reno and wedding are over 🙂 Hope you will stay a while and keep up with the journey of our house becoming our home!


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