The Honeymoon

17 Nov

We are both so looking forward to our honeymoon. Besides moving in to our house together it is what we are looking forward to most after the wedding is over. Now where are we going on our honeymoon you might ask, well that is undecided thus far.

Originally we were crazy about the idea of going to Bora Bora or Tahiti. After finding out how long the plane ride is (25 hours) and the price of one of those cute bungalows over the water (WAY out of budget) we knew we had to let our dream go. Hopefully we will get to vacation there someday and maybe, perhaps just maybe, if I’m an extremely good wifey we can go on our 10 year anniversary. I’m hoping.

Is this heaven?!?

Can you imagine waking up for a morning swim right outside your room?

photos via google images


Okay I can’t look at those photos anymore. Makes me sad. So onto where we are looking. First we were thinking somewhere in the British Virgin Islands, not too far away, really tropical, beautiful, and lots of different resorts to choose from. Unfortunately for us after a lot of research and contacting various resorts, we stumbled across the fact that it is hurricane season in August there. Boo.

So our search continued on. Now our main focus is Mexico. Not too far away, lots of flights to get there, tons of beautiful resorts, delicious food, gorgeous beaches and weather, the list goes on.

Right now the resort we are focusing on is Casa Velas in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. This could very well change tomorrow. One of Kevin’s coworkers recommended we look into Cancun as well. We think were set on Mexico but not 100% sure. If you have ideas of where you think we should go please recommend!! We are open to anywhere not too long of a flight, semi-private resort, close or on the beach, gorgeous weather, a spa, and good food, not too many requirements right? 🙂

If you’re married, where did you go on your honeymoon?


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