1 Nov

Kevin & I went to the house today so I have progress pictures for you! Yay!! The village had our “pre-construction” meeting today at the house and everything was given the go ahead so we will be getting our permits tomorrow and then work begins! Our siding was also delivered. I didn’t take a photo of it because we may be changing it. The color is Benjamin Moore “down pour”.

I swear it looks so much brighter on the siding than it does in this photo.

I’m nervous that it is way too bright for our mostly neutral neighborhood. We were going for that slate blue/gray color. I love the way it looks with bright white trim! I’m hoping it translates into what we were going for. I’m praying it looks better when it’s actually on the house and we end up liking it. We will see. If not it’s going to cost us a pretty penny to repaint after the siding is put up. I will definitely keep you posted on that.

Onto why you’re here! Progress photos! Sorry they’re kinda out of order…

One of the guest bedrooms (had beautiful brand new hardwood floors under nasty old carpet)

Master bedroom almost wallpaper free (also had these beautiful hardwood floors under carpet)

Kitchen with the dining room wall knocked down to make one massive kitchen. The dimensions will be 17×12

Family room view from stairs (in the process of knocking down the fireplace for a new one)

First floor powder room now metallic wallpaper free

Another kitchen view

From front door looking into the house

Master bath vanity

Master shower

Office/walk in closet

Guest bathroom tub/shower

Guest bathroom vanities or lack thereof

Another guest room

Living/Dining room from foyer

View from kitchen into the family room

So that’s where everything stands as of today in terms of gutting everything. We did it all ourselves with the help of my parents & our wonderful friend Bob (to whom we are eternally grateful!). We have been home owners for almost 2 months now and we couldn’t be more excited to see construction come to life! Next I’ll be sharing with you our kitchen layout and some kitchen inspiration.


3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Laura Burke November 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    It looks like you guys have been doing a ton of work. Great job. I wish I was closer – I would jump right in and help. And way to go Bob! Everyone needs a friend like Bob – Bob the Builder!

    • Home On Garden Ct. November 1, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

      Thanks Laura! It has been a lot of work but we saved about $12,000 by doing all the demo ourselves. We feel really proud! We are lucky to have my parents and Bob who helped tremendously!

  2. Alison November 2, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    I miss the metallic wallpaper already…

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