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They’re here!!!

18 Nov

Ahh!!! They’re here! Our engagement photos are ready for viewing. I’m so excited to share them with you guys! Kevin and I had so much fun at our engagement shoot with Amanda Hein of Amanda Hein Photography, I could not stop laughing most of the time. Now just to forewarn you I guess I never realized what an ugly double chinned face I make when I’m laughing really hard. So those ones turned out… um cute.

We took the photos downtown Naperville and on the riverwalk. It was pretty cold out but we are so thrilled with how the photos turned out you wouldn’t even know we were freezing! Amanda is so awesome at what she does and made us feel so comfortable, although at first it was a little weird getting used to just walking around having her take pictures of us doing nothing. I’m so excited for her to shoot our wedding in August! So without further ado, click the link then click on Lauren + Kevin to see our engagement proofs. Then come back here and leave me a comment about which ones are your favorite!! Pretty please!


Lauren + Kevin Engagement Photos





The Honeymoon

17 Nov

We are both so looking forward to our honeymoon. Besides moving in to our house together it is what we are looking forward to most after the wedding is over. Now where are we going on our honeymoon you might ask, well that is undecided thus far.

Originally we were crazy about the idea of going to Bora Bora or Tahiti. After finding out how long the plane ride is (25 hours) and the price of one of those cute bungalows over the water (WAY out of budget) we knew we had to let our dream go. Hopefully we will get to vacation there someday and maybe, perhaps just maybe, if I’m an extremely good wifey we can go on our 10 year anniversary. I’m hoping.

Is this heaven?!?

Can you imagine waking up for a morning swim right outside your room?

photos via google images


Okay I can’t look at those photos anymore. Makes me sad. So onto where we are looking. First we were thinking somewhere in the British Virgin Islands, not too far away, really tropical, beautiful, and lots of different resorts to choose from. Unfortunately for us after a lot of research and contacting various resorts, we stumbled across the fact that it is hurricane season in August there. Boo.

So our search continued on. Now our main focus is Mexico. Not too far away, lots of flights to get there, tons of beautiful resorts, delicious food, gorgeous beaches and weather, the list goes on.

Right now the resort we are focusing on is Casa Velas in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. This could very well change tomorrow. One of Kevin’s coworkers recommended we look into Cancun as well. We think were set on Mexico but not 100% sure. If you have ideas of where you think we should go please recommend!! We are open to anywhere not too long of a flight, semi-private resort, close or on the beach, gorgeous weather, a spa, and good food, not too many requirements right? 🙂

If you’re married, where did you go on your honeymoon?

Videography: Check!

9 Nov

Hi guys! I’m so excited to say that we finally checked videography off our wedding planning list last night! We had been going back and forth between a few different companies that all boasted about how they do not make wedding videos but wedding films. Well excuseee me but it’s still a video. Said companies were all extremely pricey; read $4,000-$8,000. That seemed absolutely insane to us! Some companies would charge that much for 10 hours of coverage then anything over that was $600/hr overtime! The wedding industry is absolute craziness I tell you.

So then I stumble across Shiloh Studio on Weddingwire. I was blown away! Their highlight videos on their website were just as modern and fun as the other expensive companies for almost 1/4 the cost! They also don’t charge by the hour which is amazing. We will have all day coverage including ceremony, toasts, first dance, and reception for a very reasonable cost. We met with Chris last night and he seemed fun, energetic, and excited about filming our wedding. I think we made a great choice! Check out the first video that is on their website titled Kevin & Carrie’s highlight video, it’s my favorite one!

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Wedding Planning Update

7 Nov

So Saturday was awesome! I went dress shopping for the first time with my Mom and sister and had so much fun! I even found a dress I really really LOVE. I was so surprised that the style looked good on me and was not at all what I had in mind but it was definitely my favorite. If you are in the process of wedding dress shopping or just for future reference try not to go in with the mindset that you do not like x,y, or z in a dress. This will totally throw you off because you will end up liking exactly what you said you didn’t like. I’ve heard that advice on Say Yes to the Dress so many times but it really is true. I’m sorry but I won’t be posting any pictures of me in wedding dresses until after our wedding because my sneaky fiance is dying to find out anything he can about the dress and I know he reads this blog.

I’m going shopping again sometime this month with my future sister-in-laws, Megan & Christina, and future mother-in-law. I’m so excited to go with them! We’re really close and we’ve gotten to know each other really well over the past 5 years and I already consider them to be part of my family. I know they’re going to give good opinions and it will be nice to have them with me when shopping. I’m anxious to try on more dresses and see if I can find something that tops the favorite from Saturday (it’s going to be hard to beat!).

In case you’re wondering here is where we are in wedding planning so far with a little over 9 months to go…

Check out the links to see some of our amazing vendors! Ask me anything if you want to know more about one in particular or our wedding in general.

In other news construction has yet to start on the house. Shocking I know because that NEVER happens with any home renovation 🙂 There was some sort of mix up when we ordered the windows so now they won’t be here until Nov. 18th and they want to do the windows and siding at the same time to make everything easier. The permits are finally ready so our electrician and plumber are starting this week so at least some progress is being made. So now we’re just waiting…

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


4 Nov

Happy Friday everyone! This is a big wedding planning filled weekend for us and I’m so excited! Tomorrow morning I am going dress shopping for the first time ever with my Mom and Matron of Honor, my sister Alison. She is expecting her first little bambino on January 1st and blogs about it over at The Next Big Adventure. We are going to Bella Bianca in Oakbrook. They have tons of designers and I think I’ll be able to get a good feel for what I really like and what looks good on me. One of my favorite designers is Lazaro. Here are a few dresses I love.

 style number LZ3962





Those are some of the styles that I’m drawn to. Now I have no idea how any of those are going to look on me so I really don’t know what I’m going to end up with. I’m going to go into the appointment with an open mind and be willing to try anything on. I’m really anxious and nervous. I think trying on wedding dresses will be the first time when the idea that we are actually getting married next August will sink in, I think it’s going to all feel so much more real.

On Sunday we are finally taking our engagement photos, granted the weather cooperates, with our amazing photographer Amanda Hein. We had to cancel a couple weeks ago because it was crazy windy and storming. We have a couple fun locations were going to but I’ll share more about that when I get the photos and can blog about it.

I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend!

The heart of the home

2 Nov

So first I’m going to show you our kitchen layout. The layout we came up with fairly easily. It was the placement of the appliances that took a while to configure. We needed to find the perfect cooking triangle between stove/oven, fridge, and sink. Although our triangle is not perfect, the island is somewhat in the way, we’re willing to deal with it. Or I’m willing to deal with it because this kitchen is my baby and I HAD to have an island. Spoiled? Yes. Completely overjoyed and beyond excited? You bet your bottom dollar.

Ok enough jabbering, so like I said previously our kitchen is going to be huge. 17 feet x 12 feet to be exact. Here is the sketch Kevin did based on my original sketch.

We are doing a microwave drawer in the island instead of above the range. I hate microwaves on eye level I’m just not a huge fan of the way it looks. I’ve actually used a microwave drawer before and they’re so great! I love our kitchen layout. We are going to have seating at the peninsula and 3 pendant lights over the island. There will be a small eat in kitchen table just behind the peninsula in that transitional space into the family room. Our contractor told me message centers are “out”, well sorry Marc but I don’t really care I still want one. I think a little desk area for a family calendar or laptop and a place to drop your keys/purse is a necessity instead of cluttering up the kitchen countertops. Overall I love our layout!

I promised you some inspiration so inspiration you will get! None of this is set in stone although it pretty much is in my mind because I love it all so so much. I quickly threw this olioboard together from all the inspiration I’ve gathered on the internet over the past couple of months. It’s going to be light, bright and airy with a whimsical touch. I’m most excited about the kitchen because everyone knows it’s the heart of the home. Here is my rough inspiration board.

I fell in love with the backsplash the minute I saw it. It’s such a pretty light color and the bold shape is definitely vintage. The countertops pictured are marble but I actually found a granite that is similar to it in color. I love the look of marble but because it etches the practicality of it is just not right for us and hopefully some little babes down the road. All white cabinets for a fresh clean look. The dishes are similar to the Kate Spade ones I registered for. A wine fridge for all the girls wine nights that are bound to happen. The white modernish bar stools for the peninsula seating. The sparkly pendant lights for over the island will add a touch of glamour.

The more I look for furniture and home decor the more I’m surprising myself with what I like. I used to think I only like traditional style pieces and modern was way too harsh and clean lineed for me. But I’m actually starting to really like some modern furniture and accents. Go figure.

I am so so excited about our kitchen and cannot wait for it to come to life!! I will post another olioboard sometime if I end up updating this one on our kitchen decor. Be on the lookout for other decor oilioboards in the future for bathrooms and bedrooms! If you have a question or want to know more please leave me a comment!! I would love to hear from you!


1 Nov

Kevin & I went to the house today so I have progress pictures for you! Yay!! The village had our “pre-construction” meeting today at the house and everything was given the go ahead so we will be getting our permits tomorrow and then work begins! Our siding was also delivered. I didn’t take a photo of it because we may be changing it. The color is Benjamin Moore “down pour”.

I swear it looks so much brighter on the siding than it does in this photo.

I’m nervous that it is way too bright for our mostly neutral neighborhood. We were going for that slate blue/gray color. I love the way it looks with bright white trim! I’m hoping it translates into what we were going for. I’m praying it looks better when it’s actually on the house and we end up liking it. We will see. If not it’s going to cost us a pretty penny to repaint after the siding is put up. I will definitely keep you posted on that.

Onto why you’re here! Progress photos! Sorry they’re kinda out of order…

One of the guest bedrooms (had beautiful brand new hardwood floors under nasty old carpet)

Master bedroom almost wallpaper free (also had these beautiful hardwood floors under carpet)

Kitchen with the dining room wall knocked down to make one massive kitchen. The dimensions will be 17×12

Family room view from stairs (in the process of knocking down the fireplace for a new one)

First floor powder room now metallic wallpaper free

Another kitchen view

From front door looking into the house

Master bath vanity

Master shower

Office/walk in closet

Guest bathroom tub/shower

Guest bathroom vanities or lack thereof

Another guest room

Living/Dining room from foyer

View from kitchen into the family room

So that’s where everything stands as of today in terms of gutting everything. We did it all ourselves with the help of my parents & our wonderful friend Bob (to whom we are eternally grateful!). We have been home owners for almost 2 months now and we couldn’t be more excited to see construction come to life! Next I’ll be sharing with you our kitchen layout and some kitchen inspiration.

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