The “befores”

30 Oct

I know people love reading blogs with tons of photos and especially the “before” & “after” ones. Right now all I can share with you is our “befores”. We have done a substantial amount of demolition to the house since these photos were taken and I need to get some more of the house in the process.  Our contractor, Marc, has promised construction will begin this Tuesday. We are beyond anxious to get started!! I have been browsing tons of home decor sites especially pinterest for inspiration. The house was built in 1968 and everything is original. It is a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath colonial. We have some big plans for this house to become our home. Without further ado here are the “before” photos of our house.

From the street


Powder room with metallic 70’s wallpaper

Family room fire place with excess of toilet paper and paper towels (the previous owner hoarded them)


                 View to the back of the house. The entrance from the garage will be moved back

                         and the windows will be replaced with a sliding glass door to the backyard patio.




              Dining room that will become part of the new kitchen


            Living room that will become living/dining


                   Second floor guest bath that we found even more T.P. & paper towels in


         One of the guest bedrooms that will be turned into an office/ my walk in closet


             Master bedroom


                          Master closet (obviously not gonna cut it)


                     Master bath with creepy wallpaper that had naked girls in

                          a forest with the words “No Trespassing” in several languages


             Master bath vanity


                    Backyard before tree removal/landscaping


A lot of people think we are crazy to take this on. We know it’s a huge project but we are so excited about it!

When looking at homes in our area and in our price range everything seemed like it needed work or didn’t have a nice yard or wasn’t in a good area, etc. There was no way we were going to get what we wanted and stay within our budget.

We decided that finding a house in the location we want that we can completely gut and put the rest of our budget into renovations was worth it. Now we are going to be creating basically a brand new home in our budget and choose all the finishes to get exactly what we want.

We have about 9 and half months until our wedding and are hoping everything will be done around April/May of 2012. Along the way I’ll be sharing some inspiration with you about what we are going to do as well as progress photos! Stay tuned!


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